Penang, Malaysia

The urban island of Penang, Malaysia always ranks in the world’s top ten places to retire. Low cost of living, first-rate healthcare, nice beaches and ease of language contribute to its long list of amenities.
The island was a busy southeast Asia  trading post for over 500 years, under the control of various conquerors. Penang remains a mixed culture of different races (Chinese, Malays, Indians, Mamaks, Eurasians and Thais). This fusion has resulted in the its reputation as a foodie destination.

Georgetown (the capital and largest city), was founded in 1786 and remained a British colony until its independence in 1957. Today, colonial and traditional-style buildings mix with modern day skyscrapers.

Our original plan was to be here a month but our other adventures landed us on the island with just five days. We did our best to make the most of them.

Although I had done some research on Penang, Frank and I were shocked on our ride from the airport. It was night and we passed high rise after high rise. We never realized there were over two million people here!
Our hotel in Georgetown was recommended by some friends. The location was a perfect base from which to explore . . .

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