“The Japanese think of everything.” If we said it once, we said it fifty times on this trip. From heated toilet seats to no-fog mirrors to purse baskets at restaurants, we were in a constant state of amazement. Of course, Frank couldn’t stop raving about the train system (but that’s another post!).

The Japanese people are very polite and have a keen sense of awareness for the people around them. The train stations provide a good example. Rush hour with hundreds of people heading to and from trains is a mob scene — but only due to the number of people. It’s busy but calm at the same time. If you stop to listen, all you hear are footsteps. Trains can be packed like sardines but, again, it’s eerily quiet. No one is talking loudly on cellphones or shouting above each other. If people are talking, it’s in hushed tones.

Japan is a fascinating country with kind, gracious people. Throughout our trip, there were so many things that struck as unique, charming, interesting, or just plain funny…


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