Angkor Wat – a day to remember

IMG_7567Angkor Wat has been near the top of my bucket list forever. Today we went and it couldn’t have been a more magical day!

As luck would have it, we met a couple last week who had just returned from Cambodia. They raved about their guide and shared his contact info. Fortunately, “Haan” was available.

What a difference a great guide can make!  Haan picked us up at 4:40am, the start of an absolutely amazing day!  His knowledge of the temples and their stories made for one of the most interesting and memorable days of our trip. Haan’s expertise at avoiding the crowds, an air conditioned van and a mid-day break made the long day much more pleasant and manageable.

Sunrise at Angkor Wat and a full day visiting other temples — at two, we were the only visitors — exceeded my expectations. The temples are architectural marvels, their stories, fascinating. Each was unique and incredibly beautiful.

The world’s largest religious complex is considered one of the Wonders of the World for good reason . . .